Regional Elections Committees
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Regional Elections Committees

There are 19 Regional Elections Committees which are responsible for the smooth running of the voting on Election Day. Each Regional Elections Committee is responsible for the voting process in the communities under its jurisdiction. Each Regional Committee is headed by a judge who is chosen by the President of Israel's Supreme Court, who works together with a manager and a team of workers.

The responsibilities of the Regional Elections Committee include: 

Checking all relevant voting stations and ensuring that they are suitable; 
The recruitment, hiring and training of Election Day employees; 
Issuing appointment letters to members of voting station committees and observers (who are selected by the political parties currently in the            Knesset and the aspiring candidates); 
Supervision of the voting process on Election Day; 
Receiving the ballot counts from each voting station committee and returning all elections supplies to the Central Elections Committee and the            CEC Logistics Center.

The Central Elections Committee appoints the outgoing Knesset Members, or their representatives, to serve as members of Regional Elections Committees, no later than 52 days before Election Day.
The number of members in each Regional Elections Committee and its composition are identical to the composition of the Central Elections Committee. Any political party or faction with 4 or more Knesset Members sends one representative for each 4 Knesset seats their faction has, while factions with fewer Knesset seats have one representative in each Regional Elections Committee. 

In the upcoming 24th Knesset elections, there are 34 members of the Central Elections Committee and in each Regional elections Committee. 
3 Regional Elections Committee members are appointed as deputy chairs.  Each Regional Elections Committee member has a substitute, who is also appointed by the Central Elections Committee at the time that the Regional Elections Committee members are appointed.

Locations of Regional elections Committees, names of the REC chairpersons and managers

1. In accordance with Section 4(c) of the amendments to the Knesset Elections Law, 5733, 1973, the following announcement details the locations of the Regional Elections Committees, as well as the names of the chairpersons of each Regional Election Committee.

2. Section 4b of the abovementioned amendments stipulates that the names of all members of the Regional Election Committees be available to the public at the offices of each Regional Election Committee and of the Central Elections Committee.

*** If you have any questions, please call the 24th Knesset Elections Committee Support Desk at *3854 or 077-7703070.​